And still the Christmas lights shone brightly ...

Christmas Lights - 2011-2012



On a beautiful, balmy October day, the Christmas lights began to appear ...

In no time at all it was past the middle of November.  We could only imagine how wonderful it would be when they were all lit.

December arrived.  The days were getting shorter and colder ...  The nights were getting longer and frostier ...  Surely some light was on its way ...?

The day came at last - Friday December 16th arrived.  The weather wasn’t very nice but Haughton’s Christmas lights were on.  We didn’t need snow as well.

The seasons were playing tricks on us and December 22nd felt like spring.      

The challenge was on for visitors to spot where all these lights were as they took their walks around the village.

This was the night - Christmas Eve at last.  Father Christmas was on his way!

And then he’d been for another year, but it was still Christmas and the lights stayed on until January 3rd.

Some lights looked just as good by daylight!

As usual, money was being raised for charity.

The season is over and so it’s goodbye until next year.

Fund Raising 2011/12

Grand Total


Shared between: the Air Ambulance, Katharine House Hospice, STARZ (formerly Haughton Pre-School Playgroup ) and the Deaf Children’s Society.

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