Christmas Lights - 2013-2014



More than thirty years of lights and nearly £40,000 raised for charity in the last 10 years

November 5th - Bonfire Night sees the first sign of Christmas.  Who would believe that this simple, dull black box will soon be transformed into a treasure chest ... ?

Sunshine, winter flowers and snowmen

November 22nd - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Meadow Drive

November 30th - There are some beautiful things across the way, too

November 30th - Collecting boxes, a reminder of last year’s staggering amount raised and a list of recipients for this year’s hoped-for monies stand before the beautiful displays on Newport Road

December 12th - Can’t wait to see what this one looks like in the dark ...

December 13th - One day to go ... nearly there.  And a surprise over the road, too.  But you’ll have to wait and see.  

The story of a magical Christmas season ...

December 14th - The longed-for Switch-on came at last. Well, it had to rain again, didn’t it?  But at least it wasn’t a deluge and as you can see, it didn’t put anyone, including Father Christmas, off.

Now they’re on, let’s all get out there and enjoy them!  

In the dry ...  

In the wet ...  

In the freezing cold ...  

In the frost and starlight ...  

Several days still left for giving and the red line is nearing the top.  In the new year it was reached!

The New Year.  Time for the switch-off once again  No snow, this year, but plenty of snowmen and snowflakes to brighten up the Christmas scene!

On Friday 3rd January the lights were switched off as the Christmas season came to a close.  

Many thanks to:

This year’s

Grand Total



Time to say goodbye to ...

The Nativity scene

The Sleeping Santa

Father Christmas on his travels

The Waving Snowman

Charity Presentation Evening


The money raised from the donations to Haughton Christmas Lights was presented to the beneficiaries at the Bell Inn on Monday 27th January.  Katharine House Hospice, the Midlands Air Ambulance, Haughton Village Hall and Starz Playgroup each received a cheque for £1000.  Gnosall Surgery received £1700 for the purchase of an ECG machine and £1700 was given to support the purchase of a defibrillator for Haughton village.  Thanks go to all the residents of the village who contributed to the event and to everyone who made a donation.  A special mention must be given to Bert Moore for organising the collection and providing the centrepiece of the Christmas Lights display at his home in Meadow Drive.

From left to right: Bob Swinnerton, Tim Grattage (defibrillator fund), Bert Moore, Melita Edge (Starz Playgroup), Peter Skelson (Haughton Village Hall), Dr Mark Bermingham (Gnosall Surgery), Debbie Rushbrooke (Katharine House Hospice) and Jo Bailey (Midlands Air Ambulance)

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